The elusive first post

Writing the first post in a new weblog is a daunting business. The quest for perfection turns to neurosis and the unblemished prose that introduces the tone of all future material becomes unobtainable. Nothing will ever be good enough. Therefore, nothing will be delivered.

This, as it turns out, is a common problem for me. Perfectionism breeds procrastination.

If I’m honest, my strain of procrastination isn’t discriminating when choosing a consort. Perfectionism breeds procrastination. Distant deadlines breed procrastination. New episodes of Game of Thrones breed procrastination. My procrastination will breed with just about anything. I have the most promiscuous procrastination you have ever seen.

So, what is this weblog all about?

That’s a really good question. Does it really have to be about something? The weblog has created a platform for anyone with an opinion to involve themselves with conversations that have the ability to shape the landscape of anything they’re interested in. I have opinions. I’d like to be involved in the conversation. While most of the conversations I’d like to be involved in are tech-related, that might not always be the case.

This is my platform to put down in words the thoughts and opinions that gather in my head and won’t go away until I offload them on to someone else. This is more for me than it is for you but if it can be for both of us, that’s a bonus.